barefoot in the sunshine

today is a good day. the sunshine is finally coming out to say hello today. i thought it would be gone for good with all the clouds we've had. i've been really stressed recently and it felt good to just sit in the sun for a little while. how ironic it is that i took photographs indoors on such a sunny afternoon! i really don't know myself, but i really like this little window ceil, so you probably will see me here for often. i made a few purchases, highlighting a few in my outfit today. the sweater and shirt are both new and i think they are just perfect for summer. if you can't see through the photographs, the shirt as these lovely pleats on the bottom, not to mention it is extremely comfortable! i have a serious shopping addiction that i need to deal with soon, before i run out of money!! i'm an avid online shopper and find myself browsing the pages of urban outfitters and modcloth way too much! i hope i'm not the only one. but having a blog is helping me to appreciate what i have and try to make something out of them! 

(shirt/sweater, urban outfitters; jeans/necklace, forever21)

also; i'm hoping to make some changes for the better to my blog. as you may have noticed, i'm on a slight schedule for the blog itself. silly little thing of the week, saturday; pick of the week, thursday (it's coming, i promise!); outfits, every other day or so-- what my real point is i would like to offer you guys more! i'm always looking for new ways to get readers involved and attract new readers, so please tell me what you think and suggestions are always welcome! i'm up for anything! i would also like the thank those of you who have commented or started following my blog. this means so much to me! i put so much effort in to this blog because i love it, i really do! but it is always the best getting feedback from readers--keep them coming!



  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    your outfit posts are my favoriteee!

  2. Your top and cardigan are pretty.

    I am following you now by the way, and I will put you on my blog roll.

    Come back and visit me.


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