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I know this all may be a bit confusing because I didn't really mention any major changes to the blog, but I've been thinking about revamping the silly things for a while now, and I decided to go for it! With that being said I'm introducing you to my new blog, avewood. I will continue directly where I left off on the silly things. I know this is going to be a little confusing at first, but bear with me. So without further ado, I have an interview ready to go!! 

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guest post: Camilla

 Hey guy (z),

Very happy to be guest blogging for the lovely Liza for a short post on two outfits that intend on putting into my wardrobe (by any means necessary, the law means nothing to a fashion blogger. Jokes, don’t steal it’s bad). Here they are

After a wild goose hunt looking for a pair of Acne Atacoma wedges, I gave up and fell in love with the Sam Edelman Valin wedges (very similar concept to the Atacoma). So in love, I decided to go to the effort of opening a shop to earn the money to purchase them (keep your eyes open for the shop opening in late late late April). I have already devised a plan for when I get the money, it has three steps to it.

‘’£110, CLICK, CLICK, BUY, WAIT.’’

Styling these wedges is much too obvious though, because really they would go with anything and everything. I’m really getting into printed trousers, I already got some ridiculously massive polka palazzo pants from Zara a few weeks ago which I am saving for my New York City trip in under a week, so these more fitted ones are really effortless but a little quirky. Any of the regular readers of my blog have notices how much blush pink has made it into my wardrobe lately because I’m addicted, frankly, and this V-neck is simply awesome. It’s Miu Miu though, so I probably won’t own it.
Also I wish I knew where this ring was from, and then I could wish I owned it with more accuracy.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday (if your on holiday) and if not, hope you’re still having more fun than you averagely would. 

-Camilla of Into the Fold


what i wore

"I would like to paint the way a bird sings."
--Claude Monet. 

It feels good to have a different location to take pictures in. This was one of the first times I've had someone else take my pictures, and it is awkward! Being the person in the photos, I know exactly what angle and picture I want, so I usually have a maximum of forty pictures that I narrow down to about ten for each post. This time I ended up with almost one-hundred photos, most of which were total mess-ups! My tripod was one of the items that got booted from the suitcase, which was a hard decision. I guess I need to learn how to be comfortable with someone behind the camera because I'm not always going to have my tripod with me. The one upside was it was much less of a hassle!!

 (shirt, bag/target, shorts/f21, heels/chelsea crew via ruche)


day 1: getaway

The above collage is a collection of my first pictures at the beach. The sand here is amazing; completely white. 
The water is a progression of rainbow, no exaggeration. My brother and I went out to the beach and took photos immediately when we arrived. This is a great getaway for the both of us. This obviously isn't a fashion statement; I'm just lounging in my tank and athletic shorts.  

the sway

"I can never get over when you're on the beach how beautiful the sand looks and the water washes it away and straightens it up and the trees and the grass all look great. I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own."
— Andy Warhol (The Philosophy of Andy Warhol)

Spring has taken me by full force. Last week I was piling on the layers, now I'm sweating in my short sleeves. This makes me so happy. I was sick of wearing tights and jackets (not that they aren't cute!). This look I put a skirt over one of my favorite dresses. You can see a glimpse of the dress in the jumping photo. Making a dress a top or a skirt are two ways to get the most out of your closet. I'll be sure to post an outfit with this dress as a skirt to show you how to do it. These outside pictures are making me look short. I'm actually 5' 8" and these photos seem to just squish me down! Oh well, the outside scenery is worth it. I have some great posts lined up for this week. I will be out of town on a getaway trip, but don't worry I will still be posting and I have a guest post ready to go! 
See up to date tweets of my vacation here

(dress as a shirt/h&m, skirt/kimchi blue, kitten heels, earrings/f21, belt/jcrew, sunnies/target)


new feature on the silly things

I'm pleased to announce that I'm starting back up one of my personal favorite features on the blog which is "my favorite looks of my week." You have the chance to submit any one of your looks from the current weekand I will feature it on the blog the following Sunday. Each post will have a max. of 6 looks.Hope to see some great looks! Submit your look here. (I will make a link of the sidebar soon!)

Here is a preview for my next outfit post:

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Happy Saturday!!


Insert clever title here

"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..." — John Lennon

This week has flown by for me. I can barely remember what I did Monday! I will admit that I've overloaded myself big time recently, and finally I'm having a break of deadlines, assignments, etc. It's a good feeling to relax. I've always been that person that commits to doing a million things at once. I'm known for having panic attacks when all of these assignments fall on the same day. I guess you could say that's my flaw. However, I always get my job done. So I guess my greatest flaw is my greatest strength. Being so goal-oriented has made me an ambitious person. I have so many goals that I reach for, all of which are feasible. I'm one step closer everyday.

I will post the outfit details at the bottom of tomorrow's post. I'm at Starbucks, with my pictures on a flashdrive, and totally forgot some of the brands. This is probably a fashion blogger "no, no". I'm still learning. 


in full bloom

My yard is heaven right now. The flowers are insane. It is like a living rainbow. For once, I'm thankful I don't live in the city. This yard is worth it right now. But when winter comes around, I'm going to be yearning for the city once again. Why must I be so indecisive?!


here comes the storm

"People should fall in love with their eyes closed. Just close your eyes. Don’t look and it’s magic" — Andy Warhol

 Today was a good day. There honestly wasn't one thing in particular that made it so enjoyable; I just have a good feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm guessing as the summer comes, feelings of stress are starting to seem smaller. This is my idea of a functional, casual, but cute outfit. The majority of my outfits are this way. I think I'm going to try to take more risks with my clothes. This means I'm probably going to have to purchase some more bolder staple pieces, which calls for money, something I don't have right now. I'll figure it out. 

Sorry about the weird quality of the pictures. I'm blaming it on the thunderstorm that was coming in while I was taking these pictures. The weather is so weird here.

(shirt,socks/f21, cardigan/jcrew, jeans/BDG, pin/vintage girl scout, booties/deena&oozy)
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