it is a jean sort of week, isn't it?

i come once again with an outfit post. i've been doing a lot of these recently, haven't i?
i'll be posting some other things, so don't you worry.
i've been sporting jeans after jeans this week and i have a secret, i'm a jeans junkie.
i wear jeans almost everyday, and i'm really trying to get out of the habit.
so hopefully, you will see me in something other than denim in my upcoming outfit posts!
this jean skirt is one of my favorites. its a little too big, but i used this awesome braided belt to do the trick!
the elephant necklace i'm wearing was actually a gift from C (thanks, C!) and i just love it!
barefoot again, and loving it. today was not as warm, but it brought a much appreciated breeze.
i love cool wind, it is most definitely my favorite type of weather.
isn't spring lovely?

(skirt:j.crew, necklace:forever21, belt&shirt: unknown)



  1. i am loving the belt :)

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

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