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good afternoon loves. there's a little technical change i would like to notify all of you of: the silly little thing feature will be moved to fridays, so keep an eye out on fridays for this awesome feature! also the elegant collage will be coming to you all in the next few days, i promise. also; as i'm always in the mood for change, i'm going to be working on redoing the layout of the blog. so new title and such. nothing major.

definition of bike chic. she looks effortlessly amazing in her ray-ban-esque shades. her boots and white shorts are the perfect combination making her look casual and cute. and; she's wearing this on a bike, i can just tell that this girl is amazing.

rocking the sailor look, this girls classic white dress with the navy sailor color is perfection. the black tights add the perfect touch to a rocking outfit. not to mention the heels are amazing.

i'm in love with this. neutral colors make up this hip outfit. the amazing centerpiece is the jet-black leather jacket to give the outfit an edgy look. her sunglasses are really chic and the white jeans pull the look together.

to end this street style section, i give you the perfect look. the dark floral gives it a feminine feel while the black leather jacket and the lace-up boots give the look an edgy factor. tied together with a classic navy umbrella. perfection.



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  1. I love the footwear choices in all these outfits!

  2. The sailor dress is so adorable, it kinda reminds me of the one Delightfully Tacky wore (from Modcloth). But I'm with you, I like all of these looks. And I'll be needing her red hair like yesterday. It's so pretty

  3. Every outfit is amazing. And gosh, I love your blog!

    And make sure to enter the Kelsi Dagger "Carly" Sandals giveaway on my blog!



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