pick of the week

for this pick of the week, it's a slight splurge, but i'm in love with this purse. 
not only is it marc jacobs, but its my favorite color, purple!
i love the texture and the pattern makes it really unique.
i love the golden lock at the top, so cute! 

...and to compliment the bold purse, i paired it with this awesome dress from urban outfitters.
i love the shine and sequin look of the dress and band is really hip.
they both work together to create the perfect outfit.

don't forget the word of the week!

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    i love the texture!

    i. love. marc. jacobs.

    my biggest regret in life is not buying a pair of purple marc jacobs shorts that were on sale when i was in new york last summer.


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