just a monday

happy monday. i've been enjoying the warm summer here.
there was a much needed rain today. the grass was so dry!
i did the basic rainy day activities; movies and blogging.
today's outfit isn't very exciting. i've been tie dying a lot recently so thought it was at least worth showing. this is one of my favorite ones. i thought it turned out really nice with the deeper colors. 
the one exciting thing would be these ray ban finds.
i was just looking through the drawers in the basement and found these just sitting there.
they were my dad's back in the 80s. look how styles make a comeback!
i also like the golden strip at the top, something you don't really see a lot.
this find made me so excited, i was about to purchase some ray bans!
tonight i'm having fondue and i'm excited. fondue is a love of mine.



  1. Oh tie dying, how fun. Hope your enjoying your summer.

  2. Jane Robbins M.3:57 PM

    This is my outfit pretty much everyday... Minus the awesome sunglasses. They are fantastic!


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