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hello blogging community! happy friday, finally. this week as seemed to be going by at snail pace. 
you may have noticed the changing blog template. i apologize for that. i just really haven't been happy with the way the blog has looked recently, but i really love the template that it is currently, do you? it has taken a while, but i think this one is here to stay...or at least for a while! i also have recently been putting off blogging until later in the day as of recently. i used to post pretty early in the morning. i think i've been hoping something interesting would happen with my day, so i keep putting it off. nothing interesting ever happens. 

so i thought for today's silly little thing of the week post would be a great time to call attention to these shoes with a cause. a local boutique, that i love to shop at, is amazing enough to sell these amazing shoes called TOMS. not only are they extremely comfortable and really versatile, but every time you purchase one of these shoes, you are giving a pair of shoes in return to a child in need. and to make it more personal, you can choose wear the pair of shoes will go in the world! if i haven't already mentioned, i'm going to Paris for  the first time in the next coming weeks. i'm so excited and plan on wearing these shoes there. i'm so tempted to buy another pair, maybe red?



  1. Toms has some awesome shoes. I think I'm going to need a pair...

  2. Anonymous11:04 PM

    what country did you choose?

  3. dang. I love your blog though it's only my first time here!

    La Petit Poucet

  4. Of course you can use my photo! Thanks, your blog is beautiful! (:

  5. Those shoes look really comfy!! Love your blog layout!


  6. toms have such a great ethos! They're great for summer with shorts too! xx

  7. in regards to where i choose my shoes to go: i choose Haiti. :)

  8. location: somewhere....lol love it

  9. Love your blog and layout (following you even!)..I also tend to gravitate towards quasi-minimalistic layouts with big pictures!

    And TOMS are probably the most comfortable shoes ever.


  10. Mackenzie Smet7:49 PM

    I love this post! I am planing on getting some Toms soon!

  11. in regards to where i choose my shoes to go: i choose Haiti. :)


thanks for your kind words. if you leave a question here, i will try my best to reply via comment or email.


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