So I'm trying to be creative as I have no new photographic content to share with you all. I seem to forget my camera whenever it is most needed. And when I travel with my camera I always forget my cords, which is my dilemma in this case. So I've decided to share some "fun facts" about myself with you all. My blog has been far from personal and I feel like many of you have no idea who I am...or don't want to know, but nonetheless here are a few tidbits about myself:
  • I started this blog last March on a whim. I was bored with my daily routine and needed a new past-time. I feel in love with this world of blogging and have been around since. Blogging can take you places.
  • I'm a twin. I have found that this can be most convenient or my worst nightmare.
  • I've always been interested in fashion, but never understood it. I've said many times that this didn't come natural to me, but I've found that if you care enough great things will happen, in any aspect of life. Blogging has challenged me to find my inner fashionista. 
  • I'm an aspiring vegetarian. The only thing standing in my way is chicken.
  • As the years have gone on, I've become introverted. I've found that by keeping people out, great things happen within.
  • I want to travel the world.
  • My greatest love is photography. I love finding obscure and beautiful things and capturing that moment in time. There's nothing like keeping a moment forever.
  • My real name is Liza, but I like to just be L.
  • I'm a sucker for anything comfy. Every time I shop I'm always tempted to buy the fuzzy pajama pants in the corner.
  • I have a massive sweet tooth. Subway chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven are like no other.
  • I'm a technology nerd.
  • In the past year I've become more comfortable being myself. I've learned that there's nothing cooler than someone who is completely themselves, from head-to-toe, and is not afraid to flaunt it. I have the blog to thank for this newfound self-acceptance. It has guided me in my journey to find myself. The journey isn't over, but I'm definitely closer to my destination.
Thank you for reading my little bio. 


  1. i loved this little 'insight' post. your photography is wonderful, and i look forward to seeing what else you some up with this year.
    lovess, t x

  2. adorable words. you're so cute ;)
    somehow, we're alike :D

  3. Oh I love this outfit! The little buttons on the skirt are just perfect <33

  4. Your blog is so cute as is this post! You know when you really like someone's stuff, you want to do the same? That's how much I love your blog I feel like I wanna post my photos and outfits, because you make doing so look so cool! :) Keep it up! :)


thanks for your kind words. if you leave a question here, i will try my best to reply via comment or email.


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