just another sunday

well hello. i come to you as my computer mouse is having a spazz and my computer claims that the internet isn't working, even though i continue to use it. today began has i daydreamed into my closet, deciding what to wear and complaining to myself that i have no clues. this morning was somewhat depressing as i had to give away 10 pairs of shoes, now that my size 6 feet have magically turned into 8s. great. oh well, more shoe shopping for me which is fine. i'm currently wearing my favorite sweats and could not be more content as a dance around the room to charlotte gainsbourg and sufjan stevens. i'm hoping that i can motivate myself to do a silly little thing post, that is already a day late. a little encouragement is always appreciated. :) my room is now a disaster, so much for spring cleaning. i'm planning on spending the rest of my day inside, because of the rain, painting and browsing the internet. i hope you all have a more eventful day than i. here are some darling pictures from a previous issue of vogue:paris.


(pictures by Bruce Weber via fashioneditorials)

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