i would like to take this chance to introduce myself to those of you who are first time visitors.
the name is L and my blog is the silly little things. i live in my own fairytale where clothes are free and people walk barefoot. fashion is my way of expression and photography is my oasis. i spend my time watching the clouds go by, baking desserts that never get finished, and making collages of clothes i will never own. i start projects that i never finish and i have so many aspirations. i write this blog in hopes that people will listen and comment. my dream is to one day have an online clothes business to make great fashion affordable and available to everyone! i have so many things to say and hope that you will all hear them. if you're interested in swapping links or have a question or comment please feel free to email me at: fashionsense1221@gmail.com. i love making new fashion blogger friends! well, i hope you've enjoyed your visit to the silly little things and i hope you see you all soon!


(don't forget the word of the week ends soon!)


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    L, after looking at your blog i want to start my own, but i don't know where to start! could you post some advice for your fellow future blogger?

  2. hello anonymous writer!
    i would suggest that you go for your own unqiue approach to starting a blog. i like to read up to see what other bloggers out there for inspiration.

    be yourself!


thanks for your kind words. if you leave a question here, i will try my best to reply via comment or email.


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