today's destination is: London, England
i've never been to London, but would just love to go!
if i were in London, this is what i'd wear:

your first day in London. you have a great day ahead of you! first stop; your fabulous boutique hotel: browns hotel. you drop with bags in your room and head off on your day. you start at the acclaimed spa right in your hotel! you get a glamourous treatment to start your getaway on a great foot. your next destination is the tower of london. the flawless view of the city takes your breath away as you take a few snapshots. you end your day with top-quality food at the landau. your outfit today consists of a statement floral dress from modcloth. you take a fresh approach with your white brogues and pale, yellow bag. your fact ring from urban outfitters ties the whole outfit together.

day two, you are ready for a day filled with lots of sightseeing. the infamous Big Ben is the first on your list, followed by the amazing Buckingham Palace. you are sure to take lots of pictures as you gaze upon the amazing sights that London as to offer. lunch today is at a local cafe you encounter on your stroll. you finish the day on a river cruise down the Thames. your outfit today is all about comfortable chic. in honor of your destination you sport a london-inspired three-finger ring. your cute ribbon shirt is the centerpiece of your outfit and the jean shorts are your comfort factor. your outfit is tied together with trendy heart-tights and black booties from urban outfitters.

your final day in London and you can't believe it is already coming to an end. today is begun with shopping at The Mall. you pick out some great items that you can't wait to wear! you take a stroll to the London Eye where you take an unforgettable ride. you grab lunch at the Porter's English Restaurant. finally, you head to the amazing british museum where you end your amazing trip. your final outfit is furnished by the amazing modcloth. the theme of the outfit is color! the rich, red color of your that's amore dress is the statement of your outfit. the off-white snake heel shoes add a great, fresh touch to your colorful palette. the outfit is tied together with the fun, yellow canary queen ring and perfect enviable status bag in blue. what a great getaway!


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all collages made on polyvore


  1. K is for Kandy7:57 PM

    Love the red dress for Day 3!!!! ~K

  2. I would love to go to London, too!


  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    wow. this is your best post yet! i am so in love with all three of these outfits. more destinations!

  4. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Yeah i love the destinations too! These are all really really cute outfits!

  5. DaringGirls3:21 PM

    i am looking forward to your next destination! there so much fun to read about!

  6. i love you and all these outfits!!

  7. DaringGirls1:52 AM

    i am looking forward to your next destination! there so much fun to read about!


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