a shirt called love

i'm extremely extremely excited about this outfit. 
not only is it one of my favorites, but the shirt i had put on my wishlist on an earlier post.
i was deeply saddened to discover it was not online and couldn't find it in the store.
last week, i was browsing through the sales rack and found it. my dream shirt was on sale!
so that just made me happy and i started to jump up and down in the store.
i love to find things that i've been wanting for a while in the sales section.
that's usually when i spend the most money.

as i said, it is sooo hot here! and it is even hotter today! so i decided to go casual!
i'm in love with jean shorts right now, especially lightwash. 
i'm a lightwash sort of gal and turn to my lightwash jeans on frequent occasions.
these are my favorite pair of comfy shoes from urban outfitters and they are nice because
they go with anything. no really accessories today, thought i'd keep it simple.



  1. not only is the clothing to die for, but your photography was impeccable. you must have had a lot of experience both as a model and as a photographer to create such an astounding project as this!I look forward to future photos!

  2. Hiya!
    I love your blog :))
    Really nice content!
    Looking forward to future posts!
    if you have a minute, please check out my blog too!

  3. So cute and comfy-looking! Now that it's summer all I want to do is be comfortable.


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