REMIX: -part one-

So here is a little remix post. Although quite similar, it's really interesting to go back and look through different ways I wore something in the past. This "waffle" textured top is actually from Hollister. I purchased it about a year ago when wondering around the mall. I wasn't planning on buying anything there, but when I came upon this sweater I was pleasantly surprised. It's really the perfect touch to many outfits, and actually looks good tucked in (something that is hard to find in cardigans). 

Which floral do you like better, the cool color scheme or the warm color scheme?

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-Below is an outtake from yesterday's outfit. I was planning to take pictures outside, but after the first shot i realized it was way too windy for my short skirt!-


  1. Nice look!


  2. love the first picture the most! i guess the cool tones really set a mood!
    lovely, will follow!

  3. Beautiful sweater!
    It goes very well with florals in general :-)

  4. I love how you styled this outfit. The skirt and lovely sweater are a perfect pair! xoxo


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