something sweet

Is your mouth-watering yet? Well, I know mine is. Every time I visit Ming Makes Cupcakes, I can't help but to melt inside. Not only do these cupcakes look unbelievably delectable, they almost are works of art in their own sense. I've never gotten around to making them, but all the ingredients seem to be household ingredients, with the exception of the few items. I will try to get around to making a recipe from the site soon and let you all know how it goes. For now, I will continue to drool over these decadent baked creations. (I'm aware... this isn't healthy, I wish I craved peas and carrots.)
Sorry for all the "practice posts". I was trying to figure out a new comment system, which took hours. In the end I still can't figure out why my blog won't support disqus or intensedebate. Let me know if you have any tips!!

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  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    yum girl dese tasty


thanks for your kind words. if you leave a question here, i will try my best to reply via comment or email.


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