spring bliss

"I can sum up everything I've learned about life in three words: it goes on." Robert Frost

So spring has finally arrived and I'm ecstatic. I was beginning to think the groundhog lied to us. Winter was starting to drive me crazy. But now it's spring and that means lots of florals, colors, and outside photographs (I hope!). I've realized that I'm kind of addicted to pants. Not because I don't like skirts and dresses, but I tend to gravitate to what makes me most comfortable, which is warmth. Pants=warmth. I need to break from this habit. That means a shopping spree is in order, once I can gather some funds.... somewhere. I also need to get my act together and brush my hair, and take it out of the bun. I do need to get my act together, don't I?!

(pants/ BDG cigarette black jeans, tunic/urban outffiters, cardigan/f21, necklace/chain from old broken necklace, headwear/my mom's-vintage 80s)

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