a weathered mood

"The best part about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do." Andy Warhol

I finally gathered the energy to take outfit pictures. The rain came today, which was disappointing. Hopefully this weekend will bring sunshine.  I talk about weather too much, but honestly it really does depict by mood for the day. 

My necklace that I'm wearing is really special. It was given to me by a friend almost four years ago. It had been sitting in my jewelry box for so long because it became tangled together. I finally sat down last week, determined to untangle the beast. After about an hour, I had my necklace. To say the least I was happy, and my fingers needed a rest. 

(shirt/zara; jeans,socks/ f21; necklace/uo; moccasin booties/minnetoka)


  1. that sweater is great!

  2. love the booties :)


  3. Lovely boots & your layered necklaces are such a pretty touch. Hope the sun shines bright for you this weekend. xx veronika

  4. hi:) just found your blog, love your style! I'm already following in bloglovin!I was wondering where are you from?

  5. i love the necklace. i hate when they get tangled like that, happens all the time. wish there was a magical way to fix them. but from the looks of it, it was totally worth it!


thanks for your kind words. if you leave a question here, i will try my best to reply via comment or email.


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